Hugo Hans was raised by two artists and a healthy dose of The Everly Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Cream, and Bob Dylan. Surrounded by a family of musicians, he taught himself guitar and piano and started writing songs at age 10. After years of ripping off his main influences, he finally started to find his own sound. A sound built on the foundation of his eclectic upbringing, love found and lost, and friends come and gone.

Hugo fuses a multitude of radically different influences -- meshing elements from lyrically-driven early Leonard Cohen, harmony-rich americana, dark indie-rock, and up-tempo indie-pop. The result is something nearly indefinable.

Beginners, Hugo's debut effort, is an homage to nostalgia. A desperate yearning for early childhood love, the sweet innocence of teenage years, and the ultimate realization that all those days are long gone. What awaits is something difficult and painful - but the potential beauty of adult years to come is the heartbeat of the record. A heartbeat that never lets up.

Hugo hangs his guitar in Park Slope, Brooklyn.